Leona  Bonds Staff Photo

Class Info

GHS Classroom Rules  

Attend class daily and be punctual.

Have your ID properly displayed as directed by the teacher.

Raiser your hand and be recognized by the teacher BEFORE speaking.

Remain on-task and engaged in the lesson for the entire period.

Have learning materials each day as required by the teacher.

Respect school property at ALL TIMES. (No writing on desks, etc. )

Keep hands, feet and body parts to yourself.

Profane, vulgar, or inappropriate language or gestures are prohibited.

Cell phones must be out of sight and turned off at all times.

Food and drink items are not to be consumed in the classroom without special  permission from the school administrator.

Follow the directions of the teacher.

Physical Science Course Information  


This course is to designed to provide students with a clear understanding of the basic fundamentals of physical science. It will provide students with concepts, theories, and current issues in physical Science. The students will gain hands on experience using laboratory experiments, demonstrations, and other techniques to illustrate scientific concepts.