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Syllabus for Geometry 2018

Georgetown High School

Mr. Wingate

Room 211


Book: Holt McDougal Larson Geometry Common Core Edition


Classroom Rules:

·        Students must be respectful to everyone at all times.

·        Students must wear ID badge as directed by the teacher.

·        Students must report to class on time every day.

·        Students must bring all materials to class daily. (book, notebook, pencil, eraser)

·        Students must raise their hand and be recognized by the teacher before speaking.

·        Students may not talk while the teacher is speaking.

·        Students must remain on-task and engaged in the lesson for the entire period

·        Students must respect school property at ALL TIMES (no writing on desks, etc.)

·        Students must keep hands, feet, and body parts to yourself

·        Students may not use profane, vulgar, or inappropriate language or gestures.

·        Cell phones and other electronics must be out of sight and turned off at all times

·        Food and drink items are not to be consumed in the classroom without special permission from the school administrator

·        Students must follow the directions of the teacher


1.    Verbal Warning

2.    Teacher after-school detention and parent contact/conference

3.    Referral to administrator

Major disruptions may lead to immediate removal from the classroom…this is at the teacher’s discretion

Materials:  I ask that the students have the following materials:

·        Lined paper – notebook or loose leaf (wide or college rule)

·        A binder (handouts will be three hold punched)

·        Pencil and eraser

The following materials would be helpful but are not required.  The materials will be provided for in class use only.

·        Calculator – preferably scientific (four function would be fine) *Graphing calculators will be provided for in class use.

·        Ruler

·        Protractor

·        Pencil compass

·        Colored pencils

Class Work/Homework: Class work/homework will be checked daily for a homework grade.  Assignments will be checked daily for a class work/homework grade.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up the work and show it to me to receive credit.  Do not forget to show it to me within 3 school days to receive your points!  Homework will be announced in class and posted to my website on a daily basis. 


Tests/Quizzes:  The number of quizzes and tests will vary for each chapter.  If you are absent the day of a quiz or test, it is your responsibility to make up the assessment within 3 school days.


Grades:  The following grading scale will be used:


A 90 - 100%

                    B 80 - 89%

                    C 70 - 79%

D 60 - 69%

                    F 59% and lower

The following weighted percentages will be used to determine the class grade:

                    Major assessments (Chapter tests, projects) – 40%

                    Quizzes – 35%

                    Daily Practices (homework, in class assignments) – 25%


Online Resources: Direct links are on my webpage on the GHS website.

·        Khan Academy – http://www.youtube.com/user/khanacademy

o   The Khan Academy is a YouTube channel that has tutorials on numerous mathematics concepts.  From their homepage click on the magnifying glass and enter your specific topic.

·        Free Math Help – http://www.freemath.com/geometry.html

o   The website has a list of several geometry topics with helpful information.

Helpful Apps:

·        Wolfram Alpha ($2.99) : great app for reference materials for all subjects

·        IPhone/IPad/IPod free apps

o   powerOne SL: scientific calculator

o   Quick Graph: Your Scientific Graphing Calculator - graphing calculator for your phone

·        Android free apps

o   Grade Calculators

§  A+

§  A Lite

§  GPA Calculator

o   Graphing Calculator by Mathlab

Note: Items on this course outline may change as needed throughout the year