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  • Attend class daily and be punctual
  • Have your ID properly displayed as directed by the teacher
  • Raise your hand and be recognized by the teacher BEFORE speaking
  • Remain on-task and engaged in the lesson for the entire period
  • Have learning materials each day as required by the teacher
  • Respect the teacher and other persons at ALL TIMES
  • Respect school property at ALL TIMES (no writing on desks, etc.)
  • Keep hands, feet, and body parts to yourself
  • Profane, vulgar, or inappropriate language or gestures are prohibited
  • Cell phones must be out of sight and turned off at all times
  • Food and drink items are not to be consumed in the classroom without special permission from the school administrator
  • Follow the directions of the teacher


  • Verbal Warning
  • Teacher after-school detention and parent notification
  • Referral to an administrator


High School Grading Criteria for Social Studies 2013-2014

                                      CP and Electives                 Honors             AP

Major Assessments               40%                               45%               55%

Minor Assessments               20%                               20%               20%(homework counts here)

Classwork / Quizzes             25%                                25%               25%

Homework                            15%                                10%                  0%


Textbook and other Books


The books are your responsibility; if you lose one you will be responsible for the cost of the book at its condition when issued to you. It must be returned when you are finished the course.


You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” Abraham Lincoln

Make up Assignments

Students who are absent are responsible to make up the work they missed within three (3) days from their return. Handouts and other teacher-supplied materials will be placed in the bin at the back of the room. Notes should be copied from another student outside of class. Students can also make arrangements with the teacher to stay after school to obtain the notes from the teacher. Tests and Quizzes must be made-up after school and may not be in the same format as the original test.

Students are to turn in all work on the date it is due. Deductions will be made for all work turned in late.