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U.S. History Links

This "social media" tool will enhance our learning experience by allowing students and myself to interact throughout the semester in an online setting. This 21st Century learning tool will allow us to take learning outside of the classroom walls in a safe and secure setting. Edmodo offers many features that will allow students to: discuss classroom topics in a "Facebook" like setting, receive and turn in assignments, view classroom notes while absent, and participate in classroom polls just to name a few.


USATestPrep is geared towards preparing U.S. History students for the State End of Course Exam. This site offers many features that will allow students to: complete "Bell-ringer" questions daily, complete video lessons, practice social studies skills, play review games, and take benchmark exams.



Early Representative Government and Revolution

The Last 25 Years FlashCard Stash

Flashcard Stash online learning for Key Issues of the Last 25 Years

Global Studies II
Flashcard Stash
  • engaging games help you study
  • adding images is easy
  • automated quizzes

Textbook: World History

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Regents Prep

Online resource for Social Studies test preparation

1800's ISM's Jeopardy

A Jeopardy Labs review game for the 1800's and its social, cultural, economic, and political movements.

1800s "ISMS" Flashcard Stash

Use this link to review key people, places and concepts from the 1800's(Ch. 19)

Then and Now Project Webmix

World History Pre-Test

This pre-test will assess the student's prior knowledge of World History and help me determine the best methods necessary for student success in my World History class.


Enlightenment Jeopardy

french revolution prezi